Avencius Developer's log: Avencius 2 theme

After two days of development, the new Avencius 2 theme has been completed! This theme is partly the long delayed, graphical update to Avencius. And with the Drupal Content Management Platform as its base, this website has now fully changed compared with the pre-Avencius 2 age. The new theme is a little heavier, but image use has been reduced to retain a calm look. I hope you'll like the new colour scheme used for this new theme. The wolf logo is currently gone, I already miss it, thus I'm searching for a proper location and look to return the wolf.

New are also access to the archives and forums through the navigation menu at the top. The website has been tested in Opera 8.00 Beta 1, Firefox 1.0 and Internet Explorer 6.0 SP-2 for compliance and viewability.

Registered users have been automatically switched to the new default theme, but can always return to the old Avencius theme as an option.

Note: A wolf photo has been added, but is still pending permissing from the photographer and copyright holder.

Opera Web Portal v0.1 online

The Opera Web Portal v0.1 is now online, featuring well, why not just let the web developers speak for themselves :)

Portal v0.1 online

Just letting you know that the portal has now changed. The old design is gone and a new has replaced it. The design that you see there now is really made to look its best when the content is complete, but it should work for what is there now too.

We're planning to expand this portal in the weeks and months to come with additional content and search engines. In the meantime, why don't you play around with it a little. It hasn't gone through that extensive testing yet, but is confirmed to work in Opera 7+, Firefox and IE6+. If any of you use other browsers, feel free to report bugs. We know there are major problems with Opera 6- and IE Mac and will look into that later.

Thank you
Best Regards,
Eivind F. Skjellum
Web Developer, Opera

More Firefox records

Asa Dotzler, of the Mozilla Foundation, reports that Mozilla Firefox has gained over 15 million downloads since its original launch of version 1.0. He also reports that W3Schools has updated the stats for 2005, seperating the Mozilla Suite from Firefox, and still showing growth, bringing the total to 23% in favor of Gecko usage. The website Robin Good reports that their website statistics show 30% fall in share of IE usage. With Mozilla and Firefox taking the largest portion.

Wolf's Rain: Heaven's Not Enough

heaven's not enough
if when you get there..
just another blue
and heaven's not enough
you think you've found it
and it loses you

you've thought of all there is
but not enough
and it loses you in a cloud

"there" most everything is nothin'
that it seems
"where" you see the things you only wanna see

I'd fly away
to a higher plane
to say words I resist
to float away
to sigh
to breathe.... forget

and heaven's not enough
if when I'm there I don't remember you
and heaven does enough
you think you know it
and it uses you

I saw so many things
but like a dream
always losing me in a cloud

cause I couldn't cry
cause I turned away
couldn't see the score
didn't know the pain
of leaving yesterday really far behind
in another life
in another dream
by a different name
gave it all away
for a memory
and a quiet lie
and I felt the face
of a cold tonight
still don't know the score
but I know the pain
of leaving everything really far behind
and if I could cry
and if I could live what truth I did then take me there
heaven goodbye

Wolf's Rain: Stray

Stray! Stray!

In the cold breeze that I walk along
The memories of generations burn within me
Been forever since I cried the pain and sorrow
I live and die, proud of my people gaining

I'm here standing at the edge
Starin up at where the moon should be

No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Until I fall..

Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!

In the white freeze, I never spoke of tears
Or opened up to anyone including myself
I would like to find a way to open to you
Been awhile, don't know if I remember how to

I'm here waiting on the edge
Would I be alright showing myself to you?
It's always been so hard to do..

No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Until I fall...

Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!

Is there a place left there for me
Somewhere that I belong
Or will I always live this way... ?
Always stray

No regrets 'cause I got nothin to lose
Ever stray!
So I'm gonna live my life as I choose
Cause all things fall

Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!
Stray! Stray!


Wolf's Rain: Run, wolf warrior, run

Run, wolf warrior, to ends eternal
Through the wreckage of the death of the day
Scent of silence under starlight spinning
A captured beast within a human skin

Are you searching for long lost landscapes
Lit by flowers and crystal cascades?
Where the lamb lies down with the lion
Where the wolf is one with the wild

Run, wolf warrior, through kingdoms' chaos
Senseless cities and ghost towns towering
Howl, O hunter, though few know you're crying
Face upturned into that midnight moon

Are you hunting for mystic mountains
Where the air is like liquid laughter?
Where the beasts inherit the earth
Where the last again will be first

Run, wolf warrior, to hide your hunger
The rain will wash away the pains of the day
In your eyes there are cold fires burning
Tongues of flame that can never be tamed

Are you running from Man's delusion
Majestic madness and your exclusion
To where the lamb lies down with the lion?

Are you running down ancient pathways
Through this dark and deserted land
To where man is once more a child?

Are you running to freedom's fortress
By the side of wide open seas
Where the wolf is one with the wild?

Run, run, run...

Run, run, run, run, run, run on, run on through the rain...

Opera 8.00 Beta 1 released!

Opera Software ASA today officially released the first beta of Opera 8.00. This release was previously known as 7.60 but has been renamed due to the large amount of significant changes in the core and user interface, compared with previous versions.

Notice: The final version of the browser is scheduled for release with its full name in early 2005. Users who have licensed versions of Opera 7 will receive free upgrades to the new version.

Look who's talking now: Opera Continues to Innovate the Web Experience with the new Opera Beta
Oslo, Norway - December 23, 2004

Opera Software today released the much awaited beta version of its next browser for the Windows platform. Opera is breaking ground once again with a range of new usability tools, including Fit-to-Window-Width, Fit-to-Paper-Width, improved RSS handling, Start Bar for easy access to main features, speech in- and output, and automatic update checks -- all presented in a simplified user interface (UI). Still keeping some secrets up their sleeve, Opera has yet to reveal the name of their newest browser version.

"We were preparing for the 7.60 release, but as work progressed and we kept adding improvements and functionality, it became very evident that we now have a browser that is so powerful, secure, and easy to use that it exceeds the next logical version number and warrants a major release," says Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera Software, and adds that all those who have licensed Opera 7 will, of course, receive free upgrades. "The new Opera version has dramatic improvements under the hood, in addition to some very helpful new features to welcome more and more users to take advantage of browsing the Internet in a fast, safe, and customizable way."

Firefox preferences window V

Ben Goodger, the mind behind several UI components in Firefox, has updated his blog with interesting news regarding the upcoming version V of the preferences window, which will be more fitting with the Mac and Gnome.

Opera 8.00 Beta 1 for Windows unofficially released on FTP

On the public FTP server of Opera new directory appeared, for a release named Opera 8.00 Beta 1, and it contains data! This release is currently only available for Windows, but other platforms are expected.

Remember this release is not officially sanctioned yet for an official release. Until an official announcement is made, there is no further information on changes and as always, test at your own risk =)



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