Opera Software details hardware acceleration

From the Opera Core team blog comes word that Vega, a vector graphics library, which will enable hardware rendering within the web browser.

It seems Opera Software is turning a little bit into Apple, which is good. Something open source software can't do is suddenly surprise us all with new technology. This time we've got the first confirmation that the once previously demoed hardware acceleration is coming to the Opera web browser. Vega, the vector graphics library is currently being used by SVG and the <canvas> element and has been extended to use hardware acceleration.

Although the article remains vague on when we'll see the technology in real action, it does detail that as part of Presto 2.3 it will be possible to switch between the old rendering mode, and a full hardware accelerated rendering mode of all the content. This means all HTML content can be rendered through hardware acceleration.

Best of all is that it will be multi-platform, and not just Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, but also on mobile phones, which is an important market for one of the best mobile browsers out there.



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