Opera Mobile 9.5 Beta released

Opera Software has released one of the most eagerly awaited mobile browsers of the world. As perhaps the only real contender for browsing on Smart Phones, Opera Mobile 9.5 adds a list of new features, giving much more than the popular Safari browser, which is limited to just Apple products.

Much like Kestrel, or rather the desktop version of Opera 9.5, Opera Mobile 9.5 adds much of the same features on smaller devices. The updated Presto engine gives it a speed boost that should result in faster rendering of pages compared with other mobile browsers and improved standards support. Unique in this release is the addition of Opera Dragonfly, a tool previously introduced in Kestrel to assist web developers in making their web sites more compatible. Further features include pan & zoom by default (just like Opera Mini and Safari), a new skin similar to Kestrel, and more. Future beta releases will include Opera Widgets, Opera Link, Google Gearsand Symbian OS support.

As Opera Mobile 9.5 is currently in beta phase, it's available as a free download for Windows Mobile 5 or 6.



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