Future Epiphany web browser to use WebKit only

A while ago we saw that the Epiphany developers managed to get WebKit working, while normally Epiphany only used Gecko. This month the Epiphany developers made a final decision, they're going to switch to WebKit completely.

WebKit is well known as the rendering engine behind Apple's Safari, the number three web browser in the world, and is a fork of KDE's KHTML. KDE already announced that Konqueror, the embedded browser in their desktop environment, will be switching to WebKit, to unify development resources. But now Epiphany, the standard web browser bundled with each GNOME release will switch from Gecko to WebKit as well.

It seems more and more that WebKit is gaining popularity, already being part of Google's Android, recently available on Windows through Safari, and used by Nokia on their NSeries phones.

But Gecko isn't a bad engine, so why did the Epiphany developers decided to switch? A cleaner API that is build from the ground up that closely resembles the GObject API. WebKit plugs in nicely with existing GNOME technologies, like Cairo for graphics and Pango for rendering. It also uses libsoup for the network layer, and GStreamer for the and tag support in HTML5. WebKit fits better with GNOME's 6 month release cycle, while Gecko is purely dependent on Firefox releases, which can take months to years. In addition WebKit matches with other GNOME applications that want to embed web technologies.

The target is to get Epiphany with WebKit support in GNOME 2.24, but if that's too fast they'll delay it till 2.26. And this isn't an April fools joke, they simply posted it on the 1st of April.

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I am looking forward to create a web browser according to my needs and I want to use webkit as its core engine. I want to know to implement it..plz help me out!!



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