Firefox 4 Beta 9 released

What better way to start a few weeks in a new year with a new beta of Firefox 4? Well, Mozilla just released beta 9, luck us!

A few days ago Mozilla already announced that they expect to release the final version of Firefox 4 by the end of February. Before we reach that joyful moment we first have at least this and perhaps another beta on the road to the first release candidate. In this release several important back-end changes were made, while the entire Firefox 4 experience is being polished.

Firefox 4 is a serious competitor for the other browsers and offers several features that were seen in the competing products, like a new and much faster JavaScript engine, hardware acceleration, WebGL support, WebM support, Gecko 2.0 with improved standards support, and much, much more.

Be sure to check out this release, and report your issues and feedback to the guys and gals at Mozilla to make this release a solid one, and well worth for all the other people out there.



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