Chrome 11.0 released

Google released the 11th release of Chrome already, bring lots of bug fixes, but also a couple of new features.

Google Chrome's rapid release schedule has caught attention from the competition. Just look at the second most web browser, Firefox, which has adopted a similar strategy. For instance Opera still sticks to a more traditional release schedule, but compared to their previous releases does appear to have increased their release schedule.

Chrome 11 comes with a lot of security fixes, but also includes some new features. The most noticeable is the speech input feature that allows you for instance to translate text with Google Translate by recording your voice and then hear the translated words. Oh and there's a new icon and logo too, which is way more flat than the previous one.

Existing Chrome users will get this update automatically, but it can also be triggered manually through the About Chrome dialog under the wrench menu (or on Apple in the Chrome menu). New users can download this release from Google Chrome's site.



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