Central and Eastern European warzone

While the Western parts of the world seem to have settled between Internet Explorer and Firefox, the central and eastern part of Europe think differently.

Recent reports from both camps indicate that at least one party is on the losing side, Microsoft's Internet Explorer is clearly not popular there. Some weeks ago David Storey, from Opera Software, made a nice post with an SVG image on the Central and Eastern European market shares per country. In some countries Opera has a market share of up to 49%, and for instance Russia stands on 38%.

Now Firefox is also in the game for Central and Eastern Europe, and recent numbers show that Latvia has joined the 50+% barrier, following Macedonia, Poland, Bosnia, Slovenia, and Slovakia. Runner ups are Finland and Hungary, which are both in the high forties already.

Now if the Western world would pay more close attention...

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I often help people with computers. And I may say, from my own experience, that even very greenhorn and mediocre users do prefer alternative browsers. But there is one condition: they have to know at the very beginnig, that there is a choice.
So, when the new user is after his very first impressions of browsing, I'm explaining him, what is browser and why IE is not recommended. Then I install both Opera and Firefox and say: try them and choose whichever is more convinient for yot. Most od them choose Opera, some Firefox. Almost no-one switches back to Internet Explorer.

That was a raport from the middle of "Eastern European warzone" - Poland. :)

Thanks for your personal report from Poland! =)

thank you very much for your nice suggestions.i'm sure people will be benefited by your suggestions.i'm feeling proud to know that you are always try to help the people.as there are much more alternatives to use.so people must take that one which one is very good and fit for them.but your suggested Opera and Firefox are really a most popular criteria, used by the people.



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