Bing Beta launched

Microsoft has launched the beta version of their new search (decision) engine, called Bing. As you may know the fate of a search engine is connected with that of web browsers, how fast we'll we see Bing getting adopted by Firefox, Opera and Safari?

Whether Bing sounds better or worse than Google or Kumo (the previous codename for Bing) is not really an issue. It's short and easily remembered by. My own initial tests look positive. The results are a bit different than Google, but better than the old Live Search. Also the images search is much nicer than Google's, as it loads while scrolling. But what is more important is that none of the current browsers out there has Bing as an option in their search fields, so people have to implicitly go there, which at the moment hampers adoption.

With Google working on Chrome the relationship between Mozilla and them has changed a bit. My guess is that this leaves an option open to have Microsoft buy their position of standard search engine in the second most popular web browser. Opera also seems like a good candidate to add the search engine to, with Apple's Safari being a tougher choice (as Google has people in Apple's board of directors and Apple works on top of many Google services).

The question is when we'll see movement. Currently Bing is still in beta, and may not yet receive the full marketing force from Microsoft. But whenever it happens we might see a wave beyond Internet Explorer in additions of (default) search engines. For now Firefox users can add the search engine as an unofficial add-on, or just by adding it manually as with other browsers.

What did you Bing for today?

Update: Only a day later Microsoft officially launched the Bing search engine add-on for Firefox.

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Um if you knew anything about search engines and browsers, you'd know that Firefox would never convert to using Bing. Although Chrome might become a major player in the browser wars, and thus strain the relationship between google and mozilla, Firefox is still and open-source community project, and if i know anything about Mozilla's development community it's that they wont convert to anything microsoft.

Bing is working great in my Firefoz browser. I really like this simple and nice search ingine. The unique thing about bing is the informative background. Every day there are new photos of different places, different cultures and nature. Some pictures were breath taking. I still remember the first photo I saw in Bing. It was the picture of Machu-pichu and some very interesting info were tagged with it. L really like bing and firefox together they make my web surfing easy ?

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